Private Clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly – Acupuncture:

Acupuncture, practiced in China for more than 2,000 years, has been officially recognized as a treatment method in Germany. The careful insertion of small needles at specific points of the body can block pain and improve conditions of the musculo-skeletal system.

The concept of acupuncture can be summarized as follows: Our body is covered by a system of what is known as meridians, i.e., a network of pathways through which the so-called Qi, the life force, flows. If the flow of Qi is disturbed, it may cause a disorder. The needle treatment of defined acupuncture spots of the body can bring the Qi back into motion, harmonize imbalances, and dissolve blocks and weakness.

Usually a series of 10–15 sessions with 2 acupuncture treatments per week is performed. A follow-up treatment series can follow if necessary.

The Private Orthopedics Practice Dr. Thomas Pauly is located at Königsallee 94 in Düsseldorf.

Office hours: You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, as well as Saturdays as needed.

Phone: 0211 300 40 383


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