Private Clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly – Osteoarthritis Therapy:

Osteoarthritis, also called “degenerative joint disease”, is a disease that slowly progresses over many years. At the beginning, patients only complain about pain at the beginning of a movement, later also at rest. Osteoarthritis is usually associated with inflammations which in turn promote degeneration and can cause pain and restricted movement.

We use Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) or local injections of hyaluronic acid to treat the degeneration of joints without any side effects.

Pulsed Signal Therapy is an alternative form of therapy, i.e., a therapeutic concept not considered part of conventional medicine for the treatment of joint and spine problems. The goal of PST is to alleviate the pain and accelerate the healing process.

In terms of theory, the approach used for Pulsed Signal Therapy is that each joint is surrounded by an electric field and that the pulsed signals have a curative effect on these fields.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance which is found in the human body wherever moisture is to be stored and where tissues rub against one another. It can fill in joints, absorb and store moisture in enormous quantities, act as a lubricant, but also act as the transport medium for nutrients or as a filter against inflammatory molecules.

Autologous blood therapy is known as ACP and has been thoroughly researched. ACP stands for ‘Autologous Conditioned Plasma’. Autologous means the body's own, conditioned means 'biologically enriched' and plasma is a component of the blood obtained by centrifugation.

يتم الحصول على ACP من دمك. للقيام بذلك ، يتم أخذ كمية صغيرة من الدم (10-15 مل) من وريد الذراع. في خطوة ثانية ، يتم فصل ACP عن مكونات الدم المتبقية عن طريق جهاز طرد مركزي ثم يتم حقنه في الأوتار المصابة أو أقسام العضلات أو في المفاصل.

We inject hyaluronic acid under sterile conditions while monitoring through ultrasound and have seen significant improvement of the complaints in a high percentage of our patients (approx. 70%).

The costs involved in any therapy should be discussed with your private health insurance beforehand. You will be individually informed about the costs as part of your treatment plan.









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