Private Orthopedics Clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly – Stance and Dynamic Gait Analysis with Knee Alignment Measurement

When you walk or run, do you apply stress predominantly to the heel, the midfoot or ball? What about your knee alignment? Do you have a varus (bowlegged) or valgus (knock-kneed) malalignment?

A dynamic gait analysis with knee alignment measurement will provide answers to the following questions: Are any corrections necessary, for instance, through orthotic insoles or shoe adjustments? Or does an orthotic device need to be prescribed? When it comes to sports, the foot and dynamic gait analysis (pedography) can be used to determine the most suitable athletic footwear.

It’s important to break down the individual phases of the gait to understand exactly how the feet move when walking and running, taking knee alignment into account. Using electronic and dynamic pressure measurement allows for the distribution of pressure over the soles, possible knee malalignment and any strain on the spine to be determined objectively.

The Stance and Dynamic Gait Analysis is conducted using a treadmill equipped with electronic sensors. For the Stance Analysis, the patient stands on the (stationary) belt, while for the Dynamic Gait Analysis the patient walks on the (moving) belt. The forces impacting on the foot and the leg during the movement processes are recorded by a computer and then displayed graphically. This way, unequal load distributions on the body axes can be determined and corrected as needed.

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