Shockwave Therapy at Kö 94 – Aesthetic Medicine:

My range of services for Shockwave Therapy also comprises the treatment of local disturbances of the fat metabolism as can be seen in cellulite (also known as peau d‘orange or orange-peel syndrome) or in the occurrence of “saddle bags”.

Cellulite is characterized by dimples in the skin and hypodermal layer, usually on the thighs, but also on the buttocks. It is caused among other factors by disturbances in the hypodermal fatty tissue, which causes enlarged fat cells. This in turn leads to disturbances of blood supply and reduced elimination of fat. Diets, dry brushing and sports usually have no decisive effect on such local imbalances of the fat metabolism. Focused and/or radial Shockwave Therapy can offer a solution here by improving the disturbed lymphatic flow, stimulating the metabolism, and supporting fat reduction; the elasticity of the skin is improved.

Shockwave Therapy causes little to no pain and is completely risk-free: Six to eight sessions are usually required (over 3 to 4 weeks) to achieve any success in Cellulite Therapy. über 3 bis 4 Wochen) erforderlich.

Additionally we offer dietary consultation and individual Vibration Training (on vibrating PowerPlates) at our clinic.

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Cellulite Therapy at the private orthopedic clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly