Orthopedics at the Private Clinic Dr. med. Thomas Pauly

About the term "orthopedics": A composite of the Greek words orthos ("straight") and paidion ("child"), it literally means something like "straightening up a child."

Parisian pediatrician Nicolas Andry (1658–1742) was one of the first physicians to no longer accept curvatures and crippledness in children as a God-given condition, but to correct them with splints. Today, Orthopedics is well-established as the teachings of the detection and treatment of congenital or acquired defects of the musculo-skeletal system and is divided into surgical and conservative orthopedics.

I exclusively deal with conservative (i.e. non-surgical) Orthopedics.


Overview of my range of services at the Private Orthopedics Clinic Kö 94: